Home Improvement Tips That Will Add Comfort and Distinction to Your Living Spaces

Most homeowners continually look for new ways to update the look of their home while being energy-efficient at the same time. Living greener is also important for improving the air quality and cutting back on harmful toxins found within an air-tight space. Here are a few home improvement tips that can help you add beauty to your home plus provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

The Secret of Cork

Cork is an amazing natural product that is made from tree bark. These cork trees are never downed and continue to provide substantial products. Popular in home renovation for floor replacement, users find that cork is durable, sound absorbent and a wonderful insulating material. New technology has provided different styles that virtually trick the eye into seeing wide planks of wood, bamboo or marble effects. Easy to care for and never cold, cork is easy to install for a home improvement project. Different shades are also made to match any decor.

Tackle Winter Blues with Solar Light

Having sunlight stream into your home during the dead of winter may sound appealing but can be expensive. Tubular skylights have been introduced as an alternative to costly skylights that require major home renovation. An aluminum tube is fitted between rafters with a polycarbonate UV resistant dome on the exterior. Light is allowed to flow evenly into any area without danger of fading carpet and saves on energy costs. This is a great home improvement idea for those that live in areas with dark winter months. Plants also thrive under the vast sunlight, providing cleaner air.

Mold Resistant Products

Mold is considered a silent killer because it hides and works on respiratory areas of the body. While trying to keep your home as clean and airtight as possible, there is always this risk. If your home improvement project consists of replacing drywall, look into a new product that partially does away with organic material that mold feeds on. Fiberglass facing is being used as a barrier against moisture and is offered by most of the top drywall manufacturers. Caulking, drywall tape, paint, sealant and insulation are also available to help protect your home from mold.

Bathroom Smart Fans

If your home improvement project is geared toward the bathroom, be sure and include a smart fan. Fans that dissipate high humidity are great for keeping mildew and bacteria at bay but no one wants to run the bathroom fan all day. The smart fan detects someone entering the room, turns on and stays on as long as high humidity is detected. Once the humidity level is brought to a normal level, it automatically shuts off. A home renovation of the bath has a much better chance of staying fresh and clean when utilizing proper humidity levels.

Home improvement jobs can be time consuming and seem never ending. By selecting new items that address problems in your home, you will feel more secure and also be able to add value and flair. There are many other home renovation ideas that are available through companies that strive to update products for better living. Follow those that promote green construction and LEED energy efficiency. Your home improvement projects will become more worthwhile and provide a larger degree of comfort to your family.

Green Home Buying Tips For Eco Conscious Home Buyers

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More and more home buyers are becoming conscious of going green to help the environment. Since not many people will have the means to have their house built to their own specifications, most people will settle to buy a house that’s already been made or a house somebody else has already lived in. If, for example, you’re thinking about purchasing Coronado real estate, you may be concerned about what to look for when looking at Coronado homes for sale. What would make a property stand out as a potential purchase? For people who want to know how to buy a green house, here are a few tips:

Sustainable flooring materials.

The floor is one of the things you’ll notice first about a house. Probably because it’s one of its biggest components. Some people have the misconception that green or sustainable flooring materials are unattractive and rough-looking, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. These days, since a lot of effort is being put towards finding sustainable materials, not only are they non-toxic and harvested in an ethical, eco-friendly manner, they are also quite attractive to look at.

For example, if you’re looking at buying Coronado real estate, which may be a beach house, you may be interested in getting a house with bamboo wood flooring. If you research about bamboo floors, they’re not always green in color like how they are typically thought of. They can be durable against extreme weather conditions and can endure high amounts of foot traffic.

Another type of eco-friendly materials are cork floors, although if you’re looking into getting a beach house, you probably shouldn’t pick this because it doesn’t react very well to sunlight and water.

Solar panels installed.

You can also look around for houses that have solar panels installed. Depending on the type of panels installed in the house, you can actually end up saving money on electricity bills. Some houses that have solar panels have enough energy to power the entire house, or at the very least, supply the energy needs of several rooms in the house.

Energy-efficient light fixtures.

Of course, this is something you can change after you buy the house, but it would be a plus if you can find one that already has energy-efficient lights installed, right?

Energy-efficient windows.

These types of windows block out harmful UV rays from outside the house, making the house less hot during hot seasons. In turn, you don’t use up as much energy cooling the house when the weather is warm. You can try to see if the owner has dual-pane windows installed. Not only does these types of windows insulate the house effectively from heat, it also filters out noise from outside the house.

The great thing about making your house green and improving it to be even more eco-friendly is that your efforts can be tax-deductible. Some utility companies even offer rebates for people who have homes that have solar panels installed on them. Be sure to ask the local utility company for information about this.

Being able to buy a green house not only assures you that you are making positive effort to help the environment, it also has some pretty attractive perks.